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Officers in the Prince's Degree




The word means “source of wealth or gift”. 

Abishai was the eldest son of Zeruiah, King David’s step-sister, and the brother of David’s tough commander, Joab, and of Asahel. He was a daring and ruthless soldier utterly loyal to David and to Joab.


During David’s outlaw days he went with him stealthily into the camp of King Saul at Hachilah. When they reached the sleeping King, Abishai urged David to kill him but David refused to raise his hand against the Lord’s anointed. When David became king, Abishai was one of the thirty mighty men who formed David’s bodyguard and was second – in - command to Joab. He aided Joab in the ruthless slaying of Abner in revenge for the death of their brother, Asahel, and commanded a part of Joab’s army in the victorious battle against the Ammonites who had insulted King David’s messengers of goodwill. He saved the King’s life when David joined his men in battle against the Philistines and

Ishbi-benob, the giant,  tried to kill him with his great spear.




Adino was chief of the Mighty Men of David. In one battle Adino is credited with having killed single-handedly 300 of the enemy. Apparently his real name was Joshabe-am which means “the lift of his spear” or “he shook it even his spear”.




The word means “my God is helper” or “God has helped”

Eleazar was the son of Dodo, the Ahohite. He is identified as one of the Mighty Men of David and as such was one of the three chief captains of David’s army. He was a man of great personal courage.




The word means “hear, fame or renown”. 

Shammah was the third son of Jesse. He was one of David’s Mighty Men and is said to have held the field alone against the Philistines during one of the battles.


(Prepared by Most Worthy Bro John DANN P G S R  from various sources.)