“TIME LINES – the order in which things happened” A The first time line is titled “Chronology”. It comes from Jonathan Kirsch’s book “King David”, published by Allen and Unwin in 2000, and covers the Traditional History of the Order of the Secret Monitor. All the brethren would have heard of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and know of their importance ro Judaism and Christianity. Kirsch refers to the discovery at TEL DAN, something entirely new. The discovery confirms the historicity of King David. On a fragment of a stela- an upright stone pillar bearing a written inscription- was found the three early Aramaic consonants that make up David’s name. The stela is of native basalt, and was incised as long ago as early eighth century Before the Christian Era. The stela also contains a further reference to the House of David (Bet David). “King David” is an easily obtained book. B The second, much longer time line is taken from “Asimov’s Guide to the Bible- the Old and New Testaments”. It was written by the famous SciFi author and scientist, Isaac Asimov, published by Avenel in 1981, and is now only available from America. This time line covers 8 500 BCE to St. Jerome’s translation of the canonical Bible in 400 AD.. Asimov’s “Dates of Interest in Biblical History” is a useful, general reference, especially for those brethren reading up on the Traditional Histories of most Masonic orders.. These Time Lines should be referred to when reading other OSM literature to gain a better understanding of where our exemplars and their actions stand in history. General Note The WSR of a constituent conclave may decide that the “work” for the meeting will be a discussion/talk, or that a short presentation will be given at the second 1. osmeductaion12002 and third time of rising, using the TIME LINE info.. The brother chosen to present a short talk based on some of the information from the TIME LINES is asked to put the info. into STORY form. Questions and discussion should be allowed after the story is presented. Please do not just give the brethren a lot of dry dates and facts; that’s when they go to sleep! If a short amount of info. is given during the second and third time of rising, lasting not more than 5 minutes, questions and discussion should NOT occur. It is emphasized that the dates and facts presented in the TIME LINES is best used in conjunction with OSM lectures.
W.H. Whitford, Grand Lecturer,
PWSR Kingscott Conclave No 7.